West Seattle Food Bank gets new ‘Shopping’ indication going

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West Seattle Food Bank gets new ‘Shopping’ indication going

The West Seattle Food Bank began, “Probably a many critical change given we opened,” pronounced Executive Director Fran Yeatts, on Tuesday Feb. 7 as they instituted a new “shopping model” for food distribution.

The West Seattle Herald was a initial to tell we about a change final December.

Essentially those a Food Bank serves can now crop by a shelves and get a groceries they need by regulating a tone formula complement and a unchanging selling cart. The equipment on a shelves are tone coded and clients who go by a aisles and shelves to name their possess items. For instance a customer competence take 2 equipment from a blue shelves, 3 from a yellow, and 1 from a green, formed on a distance of their family. Previously they would have had to wait for staff to collect equipment and fill bags for them.

In a destiny a Food Bank skeleton to have low sodium equipment and Halal or gluten giveaway equipment in their possess areas.

Area businesses have been unequivocally helpful. West Seattle Thriftway assisted by assisting a Food Bank make a vital squeeze of cheese for a entrance of a new placement indication and Metropolitan Market done tighten to 20 of their comparison selling carts available, and afterwards a carts were refurbished for a Food Bank.

New during a Food Bank are refrigeration cases that store and arrangement uninformed milk, eggs, cheese and other items. They were commissioned final week and were squeeze from Refrigeration Unlimited.

Yeatt’s said, “We’ve listened from people who have already been in to try it and they’ve pronounced it’s some-more humane, some-more dignified. They unequivocally like it.”

At checkout, a equipment are built on areas that conform to food forms and tracked again by tone afterwards put in selling bags and expelled to a client.

“In an normal year we do between 1.4 and 1.5 million pounds food distribution,” pronounced Yeatts who pronounced a new indication and extended hours meant that some-more food was expected to make it out to those in need. That also means of march that some-more proffer assistance is indispensable on certain days when a second change would unequivocally assistance a classification get a food organized, stocked and afterwards out a door.

New West Seattle Food Bank hours:

  • Tuesday: 9am-1pm (Seniors 55+ only)
  • Wednesday: 12-7pm
  • Thursday: 9am-2pm
  • Friday: 10am-2pm

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