Valentine’s Day Online Shopping Study Finds Red Rose Popularity Declining

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To know shifts in consumer behavior, SLI Systems analyzed some-more than 1.2 million e-commerce site searches on heading floral websites holding place between Jan 6 and Feb 6, 2017 – a month heading adult to Valentine’s Day.  SLI also compared rose-color-specific hunt information during Feb 1-8, 2017 to a identical SLI Valentine’s Day present research investigate conducted in 2015.

“SLI is saying a colorful trend in Valentine’s Day rose giving. When we looked during e-commerce hunt information among a tip 5 rose colors in early February 2015 compared with early February 2017, we found seductiveness in a many traditionally regretful tone ‘red’ declined 40 percent. In 2015, pinkish was a second-most renouned color, and now it’s not even in a tip five,” explained Chris Brubaker, CMO SLI Systems.

Top Five Rose Colors For February 2017:

  • Red (28%) – Decrease from 47% in 2015
  • White (21%) – Increase from 16% in 2015
  • Blue (18%) – Increase from 6% in 2015
  • Rainbow (17%)
  • Purple (16%)

Additional 2017 Valentine’s Day Flower Findings:

  • Roses Still Win in 2017 – Roses comprised 60% of searches among a tip 5 many renouned flower forms – some-more than 3x a searches of curtain adult flower types: lilies (18%), tulip (8%), orchid (7%), and sunflower (7%).
  • Last-Minute Giving The tip volume of flower searches were conducted on Monday, Feb. 6, usually a week before a holiday. The 6th saw 13% some-more queries than Feb 2, a second-busiest day, indicating a frenzy of last-minute flower buying.
  • Cheaper Dates? Just over 6% of those looking for roses searched for “dozen,” and usually 4% searched for “long-stem,” ancillary a NRF consult display consumers devise to spend a bit reduction this Valentine’s Day.      
  • California is For Lovers The tip 5 U.S. states acid many for flowers, in order, were California, New York, Texas, Illinois, and Florida. California hunt volume was 31% aloft than New York.

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