The Holiness of Thrift Shopping

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I competence not eat keep traditionally kosher, though when we shop, we follow my possess arrange of kashrut. You won’t find a commandment saying, “Thou shalt preservation shop,” though in my estimation, being an conscious secondhand consumer is critical to purifying my consumption.

In Deuteronomy 20:19-20, we learn a commandment of bal tashchit, to not rubbish or destroy. Having been lifted in a American consumer culture, this is not always easy for me. I’m operative tough to transition from cosmetic bags and disposable containers to reusable receptacle bags and sturdier alternatives. These are a apparent discerning switches to make, though if you’re prepared to take a subsequent step, we plea we to not usually equivocate waste, though also to give new life to what competence have differently finished adult in a dump.

I’d be lingering if we didn’t discuss that this doctrine was prioritized for me during an early age from behind a opposite of my mother’s possess business, Next to New Resale Boutique, that usually distinguished a 30th anniversary. (If you’re flitting by Gainesville, Georgia stop in and tell them Rachel sent you!) This unequivocally is partial of my Southern Jewish heritage.

Some folks bay a myth that selling something secondhand means selling someone else’s junk. In my opinion, this is a genuine indicate of view. If we make a bid to sight your eye, we will finish adult spending a small some-more time and a lot reduction income on your shopping– and if we do it right, no one will be means to tell a difference.

Most non-food or toiletry equipment can be simply found during your internal preservation store: clothing, shoes, accessories, books, cooking utensils, furniture, games… a list goes on. It’s not always as accessible as interlude by Target on your approach home, though you’ll find yourself swept adult in a disturb of a chase. You’ll learn to diligently check for stains, check for durability, and concur when required (“Do we unequivocally mind if these sneakers need new laces? Probably not”). Oftentimes, we will come opposite equipment with a strange tags still on them, donated by someone who altered their mind in a driveway, perceived an neglected present, or simply hasn’t nonetheless schooled a advantages of selling secondhand. Their detriment is my gain!

Thrifting not usually keeps me humble, though it earnings my income to a internal economy rather than stuffing a pockets of companies who mostly outsource and competence or competence not work to equivocate tellurian rights violations. (If you’re extraordinary about certain companies’ lane records, Corporate Social Responsibility reports outline their tellurian rights, environmental, and reserve efforts and hurdles and are accessible to a open online.) Better still, when we emporium during many shipment stores, we am ancillary internal charities and other nonprofits who occupy my neighbors and assistance under-served populations in my community. When selling during a place with a mission, we try to make certain it’s one we determine with: we make a indicate of reading a goal matter (often posted nearby a register) of any new preservation store we patronize. Money talks, and this approach we can support causes that pronounce to me.

I don’t only emporium secondhand for financial reasons, or even for a fun of it. By being conscious and process about spending my income during internal resale establishments, we am fulfilling my avocation to revoke waste, reuse ideally good products, and, when I’m done, we can recycle my possess equipment to keep a circle turning, l’dor v’dor (from era to generation). For me, selling secondhand is something holy – it’s a family tradition, it reduces waste, and it keeps me feeling good about my wardrobe choices.

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