Since You Asked: ‘Rescue’ business picks adult deserted selling carts

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Is it OK if we form my doubt as a rant? we have a business in Medford. Quite often, when we come to work in a morning, we find an deserted selling transport in a parking lot. These are mostly filled with things collected by homeless people. If we call a store whose name is on a cart, zero happens. Usually after a week or so, we dispose of a essence of a transport and bucket it into my pickup lorry and broach it. So what is a custom when we find a grocery cart?

— Mark C., Medford

Mark, we suggest we start by job a informal transport fairy, NFM Cart Rescue, that rounds adult deserted carts for subscribing grocery stores, including Safeway, Fred Meyer, Albertsons and WinCo.

While Medford Public Works and Park and Recreation employees typically collect adult selling carts left in open alleys, parks and parking lots, those left on private skill are a owner’s responsibility, explained Medford military Lt. Kerry Curtis.

If a transport belongs to a store that subscribes to NFM Cart Rescue, call 1-888-552-2787 to news a cart, and someone will collect it adult and lapse it to a suitable store. For all other carts, hit a store to see if they’ll collect it up, and if no one responds, it’s adult to we to broach or dispose of it.

Curtis asked that we remind we to take caring when emptying a transport as they have been found to enclose all demeanour of filth, and to dump them off during a behind doorway of a store so they can be sanitized before being put behind into circulation.

Medford military reported final week that about 100 of a Medford Center Safeway’s 250 carts now are missing.

Each selling transport costs between $200 and $500, Curtis said.

Carts left on open skill also can be reported to a city of Medford Code Enforcement Division during 541-774-2016.

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