Retailers Step Up Shopping Experience (NKE, COH)

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In an bid to scratch behind some marketplace share from Amazon (AMZN), retailers like Nike Inc. (NKE) and Coach Inc. (COH) are creation their brick-and-mortar locations into some-more than only a place to buy products, MarketWatch reports.

Nike now has a plcae in New York City with a basketball court, tiny soccer area and a treadmill for consumers to put a products in action. And if a patron wants to try on clothing, a stylist is on palm in a wise room to assistance them. (See also: Is Nike Protecting a Biz with “Equality”?)

“This is a destiny of retail,” Heidi O’Neill, boss of Nike’s approach to consumer department, told MarketWatch. “Gone are a pacifist days of travel traffic. It’s about joining and welcoming behind a customers.”

Coach’s Fifth Avenue New York store and a Regent Street store in London now offer “Coach Workshops,” that yield monogramming and other ways for business to personalize their products. It’s a store knowledge that underscores Coach’s complicated oppulance branding by emphasizing craftsmanship. according to Andre Cohen, boss of Coach’s North American and tellurian marketing, who spoke y MarketWatch.

“The visible denunciation and patron knowledge we see in a product, stores and selling simulate a unchanging indicate of view, pivotal to a ongoing betterment of a Coach brand,” Cohen said.

Abercrombie Fitch Co. (ANF) is also perplexing to urge a in-store experience. The retailer, that reports fourth entertain gain Mar 2, announced recently that a rebranding bid is pushing a new store pattern that will entrance in Ohio on Feb. 17. Abercrombie is aiming for a “unique and personal selling experience” by charity lounge-like wise bedrooms that let business control lights and music. (See also: Are More Teen Retailers in Trouble?)

The National Retail Federation estimates U.S. sell sales will grow 3.7 percent to 4.2 percent in 2017, increased by an 8 percent to 12 percent arise in ecommerce spending.

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