Online grocery shopping: Here’s how it works

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Shelia Woods, manager of SuperLo on a Go, and Lisa Sanders, partner manager of SuperLo on a Go, name equipment for a patron sequence to be picked adult regulating a grocer’s online selling service. (Photo: Nikki Boertman, The Commercial Appeal)Buy Photo


A story in Sunday’s newspaper tells we about a new trend of selling for groceries online and carrying them delivered to your car. I’ve used a use during Kroger, Walmart and SuperLo, that will deliver a module soon, substantially in February, and is contrast it on family and friends (and food writers who wish to give a spin).

The routine is roughly a same for a 3 stores. At Cash Saver, we can sequence online, but we have to go in to collect adult your order, so we didn’t embody them in this sample. The Fresh Market doesn’t offer click and pick, and while Whole Foods will do personal selling if a patron calls in and gives a list, a internal stores don’t offer online shopping.

Of a 3 stores, Kroger’s online interface is a many discerning overall, nonetheless it’s not nonetheless a glitch or two. SuperLo’s site is still being tweaked, and while Walmart’s is easy to use, it’s blank my favorite element: There’s nowhere to supplement records about your preferences.

The lowdown

The basis are a same: You place your sequence online, collect a time in a one-hour window for your pickup, lift into a “slot” during a store and call a series right there on a slot’s sign. Someone brings your groceries, loads them up, and off we go.

Before we can shop, you’ll set adult your comment with some simple information. It takes reduction than 5 minutes, nonetheless we had to make a discerning phone call to get my Kroger comment activated since my email residence is opposite from when we got my Kroger label years ago.

That Kroger label comes in accessible here because when you start shopping, you’ll see that your page is already populated with new purchases, even if it’s your initial time to use ClickList.

“We’re creatures of habit,” said Jeff Evans, e-commerce manager of Kroger Delta Division. “At slightest 80 percent, maybe more, of what we buy, we get each time we come to a grocery.”

When we go back, you’ll know what we bought final time, either we shopped from ClickList or in a store.

The biggest join in a Kroger process came up well after a shopping, when we indispensable my receipt for my responsibility report. we couldn’t find it online, and it took about a 10-minute phone call to find someone who could email it to me; we wasn’t given a duplicate during a car.

But this is what we quite favourite about Kroger, besides carrying many of my unchanging equipment prepared to go. If we sequence meat, it’s cut by a grocer a day we collect up, to your specification.

“We take a list to a grocer about 6 times a day,” Evans said.

I requested a ribeye (on sale a day we ordered), cut 1 1/2 inches thick, about 1 bruise and with a good cap. It was one of a best steaks I’ve baked in months, nonetheless a cost increasing as we systematic on a Tuesday and picked adult on a Wednesday, a day a sale prices change.

You compensate online when we place your sequence with Walmart ( and SuperLo (, nonetheless it’s not active yet), so we won’t have to cruise changes in prices with those two, and Walmart’s site says that should prices tumble after we place your order, you’ll be give a reduce one. At Kroger we compensate on an iPad during your car, so if you’re a responsible shopper, you’ll wish to have a duplicate of your selling list to make certain a prices compare — and keep in mind that if prices go down, you’ll get a reduce price.

A advantage to profitable online: You can have booze or drink delivered to your car. Kroger will have a complement in place soon.

I systematic relating lists from Kroger and Walmart to see how they built up. While Walmart will compare competitors’ advertised prices if we take in a ad and indicate it out in a store, it’s not finished automatically — we paid $1 some-more for Wright’s bacon than a Kroger sale price. Ordering beef during Walmart is arrange of tricky, as it is pre-packed and you’re initially charged for a largest probable package, nonetheless a final cost reflects what we indeed get. we didn’t like that we couldn’t ask a cut welfare or even a volume of beef we want, that both SuperLo and Kroger allow.



Same with produce: At Kroger, we can buy one tomato, and during SuperLo we can buy in quantities as small as a quarter-pound. At Walmart, we got roughly a bruise of tomatoes in a pre-sealed package. But eggs are finished alone everywhere, as were chips — equipment that could simply have been damaged. Everything was intact; ice cream was solidified hard.

It’s furnish where some-more courtesy should be given.

At Walmart, a pears we was given were stone hard. At Kroger we specified that I’d like one developed pear and dual to eat later, nonetheless a developed pear was over-ripe. Same with a avocado — a one we requested developed was mushy.

The bottom line

Mothers with immature children should never worry again about carrying to get a kids out of a automobile seats and buckled into a selling carts. This use is a good time saver, and a some-more selling we have to do, a improved it becomes. Kroger and SuperLo assign $4.95 per order, no matter a distance (you get a initial 3 for free, and Kroger and SuperLo’s process hasn’t been motionless yet). At Walmart, there’s no charge, that is a diversion changer for me. I’d like to take advantage of a reduce prices during Walmart on shelf equipment — pet food, cleaning reserve and a like — but a time spent in an unknown store and in prolonged lines wasn’t value it to me.

I’ll still go to Whole Foods and The Fresh Market for many of my produce, and as we don’t buy a lot during a grocery, we competence not use a use each time we shop. For large shopping: Absolutely. If we can get me in and out of a parking lot in 5 mins (all stores did), count me in.





Kroger worker Natashia Ingram is a ClickList selector. ClickList is a grocery store’s online selling apparatus business can use to do their selling from home. Ingram will take an sequence and do in-store selling for a customer.
Yalonda M. James/The Commercial Appeal

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