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JACKSON, Tenn — The initial weekend of a month is a time for west Tennesseans to stop what they’re  doing and conduct over to the  Jackson Fairgrounds to attend in some sell therapy. For some-more than 20 and years Friendly Frank’s flea marketplace has been a tack in a Jackson community.

Owner, Peggy Adams pronounced “it was my father’s and he has given upheld and my sister Beverly she helps me as good out here and so it’s his bequest and so I’ll be here as prolonged they’ll have me.”

Vendors like Margaret Ann Strobe have upheld a flea marketplace given a really beginning.

“I’ve met so many good people.” Strobe said. “The people that come to a flea marketplace will come to my store in Bolivar and emporium with me.”

Organizers pronounced by a years a marketplace has grown with several new vendors for shoppers to enjoy.

“New is always good as good as a aged vendors we have as good they have their business that come out each month only to see them, though a new ones are doing good too.” Adams said. “I’m only sanctified with a good weekend this weekend.”

Vendor, John Franklin pronounced he’s built a vast customers from offered residence and physique fragrances.

“All of a products and all of a physique oils and blazing oils has a dump of adore in it and that creates it good for everybody.” Franklin said.

At a flea marketplace we can find antiques, collectibles and all kinds of equipment for a good price. Organizers pronounced it’s a good time for a family. Some shoppers pronounced it’s improved to spend income in your area than during a large box store.

“We like entrance out and selling when their in city it’s a good approach to emporium with internal vendors and support your internal community.” Shopper, Paul Flatt said.

Admission and parking for Friendly Frank’s is free. They are open each initial weekend of a month with an difference of Jul and September.

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