Charlotte’s Prize Shopping Center Gets Revitalized [Partner]

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Revitalization is function in Charlotte in a large approach and what was once old-fashioned is now in transition to code new. One such place experiencing a rebirth is Park Road Shopping Center, some-more privately a Back Lot. Haven’t listened of a Back Lot? You will. Not usually are new additions such as Midwood Smokehouse and a dear Amelie’s entrance soon, though there is already a dark gem that we competence never have listened of – Classic Attic.

Conveniently located subsequent to a soon-to-open tasty Amelie’s, Classic Attic is in no approach an normal shipment store. Classic Attic showcases Mid-Century and antique seat and rarely covetable home accessories during discount prices. The register is constantly in motion so a contingency of anticipating one’s dream square are really high. “We adore to get good equipment that will be review pieces in someone’s home,” says owners Ede Graves, “We sole a beautiful antique French habit to a savvy patron who had it embellished a silken gray with line-up accents. It was fabulous!”

You never know what we competence find during this honeyed small Charlotte institution. Well famous to decorators and antique enthusiasts, Classic Attic’s inventory has enclosed pre-Civil War plain timber chests, a “God Save a Queen” pointer “borrowed” from an English military hire and a family mural once owned by a Duchess. And some-more complicated stylists have found authentic Breuer chrome chairs, Danish complicated dining seat and Georg Jensen argent jewelry.

Unlike other shipment stores that you’ve been to, Classic Attic doesn’t take clothing, with one difference – new and selected excellent mink coats, jackets and stoles. Since it’s a finish of a season, Classic Attic is hosting a sale on furs, though usually until a finish of February. “We sell many of a furs to women who wear them with jeans one weekend and with grave gowns a next,” says store manager Tara Igbanol. “Some designers even redo a furs to use as musical accents for a home.”


Stop by a newly-updated Park Road Shopping Center’s Back Lot. Soon you’ll be means to make a day of it and revisit one of a tasty new internal eateries before or after shopping. At Classic Attic, you’re expected to find a ideal further to your home décor, learn because this mark is one of Charlotte’s special gems and turn another Classic “Addict.”

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