Ava Is A Bracelet That Aims To Predict The Most Likely Days For Women To Get …

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Ava, a health tracking bracelet for women collects hormonal and other information in an bid to envision a woman’s period and a days of a month she is many expected to get pregnant.

The bracelet works by monitoring slight hormonal changes in a woman’s physique that are routinely incompetent for women to see or feel. Ava pronounced it collects over 3 million information points relating to these changes each night and afterwards determines where a lady is in her cycle to envision her many fruitful days. It collects this information from 10 opposite sensors – nonetheless it is not transparent what those sensors are. The startup would like to exhibit that information during a after time.

Each of a 4 founders of this Swiss company, Pascal Koenig, Peter Stein and Lea Von Bidder, were captivated to a plan for several reasons though all of them felt there was a improved approach to guard and envision flood than logging it on an app.

Technology – aged and new – has attempted to get a dilemma on flood tracking and calendar-based preventive methods – including a historically famous Rythm Method, that requires women to guard their possess cycle by a month to establish certain baby-making days. But it’s no pledge to forestall or emanate babies.

Ava attempts to supplement some scholarship to this age-old bewilderment with a wearable device. It’s not alone in this pursuit. Tempdrop monitors physique feverishness to establish a right fundamental physique feverishness needed for baby-making time. Duofertility is another flood guard accessible abroad (website says entrance shortly to a U.S.)


Another thing that should be deliberate is that Ava is adult opposite pity wrist room with other health tracking devices. It sits, ideally, on a partial of a wrist where a Fitbit or Misfit Shine could go. Co-founder Pascal Koenig compares a bracelet to a Fitbit, though for women’s health.

There’s also a lifetime value emanate with wearables in general. Raise of hands for a series of people reading this with a Nike Running, Fitbit or other inclination now collecting dirt in a drawer somewhere. More than a third of device wearers news they no longer wore it after 6 months.

That is not a worry to Koenig who told TechCrunch he’s listened from several women that they continue to wear a Ava bracelet since of a approach it feels and a information it gives them. “Even after they are pregnant,” Koenig said.

The Ava bracelet launches in early 2016 and will sell for $249 USD and a $5 monthly subscription to a app for adult to one year. The startup tells me it is also really tighten to shutting a seed turn of appropriation for $2.3 million USD.

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