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It’s Feb 4, and there are still a lot of good players looking for jobs.  Buster Olney thinks that subsequent year will be even worse for giveaway agents, that competence emanate opportunities for a Atlanta Braves.

Writing a new Insiders-only mainstay for ESPN, Buster Olney is disturbed about baseball’s giveaway agents.  This year’s stand hasn’t been generally noteworthy, though between bad pitching options and a bolt of bats, several contracts have been slower – and reduce – to develop.

The Atlanta Braves saw this building and fast acted to move in stop-gaps to act as bridges to 2018.

We know this – we’ve discussed it a whole off-season.  For a many part, Coppy got what he wanted and left others to demeanour sheepishly around a ballroom looking for a dance partner after removing stood adult by their dates.

But that sets adult next off-season, and there’s several elements concentration on a horizon that should all work in a Braves favor.

As engaging as a 2017 competence be, I’m saying this and already looking brazen to another calendar.

Saddle up… let’s take a look.


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