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It’s February 4, and there are still a lot of good players looking for jobs.  Buster Olney thinks that next year will be even worse for free agents, which may create opportunities for the Atlanta Braves.

Writing a new Insiders-only column for ESPN, Buster Olney is worried about baseball’s free agents.  This year’s crop hasn’t been especially noteworthy, but between poor pitching options and a glut of bats, several contracts have been slower – and lower – to develop.

The Atlanta Braves saw this developing and quickly acted to bring in stop-gaps to act as bridges to 2018.

We know this – we’ve discussed it the entire off-season.  For the most part, Coppy got what he wanted and left others to look sheepishly around the ballroom looking for a dance partner after getting stood up by their dates.

But that sets up next off-season, and there’s several elements converging on the horizon that should all work in the Braves favor.

As interesting as the 2017 might be, I’m seeing this and already looking forward to another calendar.

Saddle up… let’s take a look.


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